Photography Competition «The Structure of Motion»


A photography competition dedicated to the art of Contact and Dance Improvisation will be organized during the first Moscow International Contact Improvisation and Performance Festival from 15th to 23rd of July.


On the second to last day of the festival (July 22nd), a large performance will take place in an urban setting, where the art of Improvisation will be presented by the festival participants and well-known teachers from Russia, Moldavia, United States, Israel, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. During this performance, we invite creative photographers to take your best photo of student and teacher improvisers. Photos taken during this festival (or at any other time, if the content is in line with the competition's theme) will be presented to the world!

Winners will be invited to participate in the international exhibition «The Structure of Motion», that will be on exhibit during the dance festivals that take place all over the world.

Competition rules:

1) Photos must be must be taken

-during the performance on the 22nd of July in Moscow;

-at any other time if the photo is completely inline with the competition's subject;

2) Send your photos by You can present no more than 5 images.

3) Image format — jpg, resolution - 600 pixels in the longer dimension, max file size - 200 kb.

4) Please include the following in your email:

- Name

- Contact e-mail, phone.

- Name and original resolution of the photo.

Dates: competition begins on 22nd of July, ends on 22nd of August.

Results of the contest will be published in September on website. The committee will contact the winners to discuss further collaboration.

For any other questions, please write