Gesine Daniels workshop
Dates: 30(sat) June, 1(sun), 2(mon), 3(tue) July

Focus of this workshop will be to experience our own physicality and imagination as fundamental tools and inspiration for skilful and sensitive Contact-dances and to develop our dancing from there.

Using imagination, touch and specific movement patterns (exercises from Alignment- and Release-technique) we will explore some of our body systems (breath, skin, bones, flesh, joints), the unique quality that each of them gives to our dancing and how we can use them to support our dancing - solo and in contact with one or more partners.

We will deeply investigate the fundamental movement patterns Rolling, Sliding and attaching, dancing with the different qualities of touch and pathways through space that they provide.

We will find our dance in contact with floor and space as physical bodies and imaginative, creative human beings and from here we will reach out and meet each other.

We will spend time practicing technical skills as well as bringing these skills into structured dance improvisations with different partners:

Dancing in and out of touch from solo to duet and trio and back we will consciously experience physical laws as gravity and momentum, play with them and learn how they support us as we are sharing and transporting each others weight, falling, spiralling, together and into each other, counterbalancing, moving with speed and momentum and enjoying the strength and sweetness of slow motion and stillness.

This workshop will be an intense introduction to the form for those who never danced contact before.

It will enable you to dance CI at jams and other Contact-events (for example at the Moscow Contact Festival in July).

It will help you to create or find the dance you need, listening and communicating with your dance partners through touch, to trust our own skills, senses and instincts and to feel save enough to surrender to the surprises and the flow of Contact-dances.

For those of you who have more or even a lot of experience with CI the workshop will offer a deeper insight into the themes named above and the possibility of practising and developing them on your own level in a focussed atmosphere and dive deep into the world of CI again for some days.

For all of us it will be playful learning, challenge and satisfaction and a lot of fun!