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Caroline Waters

Caroline Waters
Caroline Waters is an International Dance/Theatre Practitioner dedicated to the craft of Improvisation in Performance and the study of Contact Improvisation. Mainly drawing from Contact Improvisation and New Dance practices, Caroline teaches, performs and directs in various situations ranging from the performic to the therapeutic The work often focuses on collaboration and working with other Art forms, she is especially interested in working with musicians, video makers and writers, and she has experience with a range of non-theatre spaces as a locus for performance.

Caroline has a passion for festival organization and has been responsible for many International Improvisation events, including ECITE, as well as being an Artistic Director of Contact Moscow. She has performed at many International Improvisation Festivals across Europe and America and has recently completed a tour of Siberia. Amongst all the traveling Caroline was an Associate Lecturer at Dartington College of Arts UK for 11 years. Most recently has been an intensive teacher at the Israeli Contact Festival and is currently teaching at Chichester University in the UK.

Caroline continues to develop her own body of work internationally as a freelance improviser in performance, both as a dancer, teacher and musician.
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Caroline Waters

«Catching a Glimpse»

About master-class:

Level: all levels.
In this workshop we will have a chance to study improvisation as performance art, practising our ability to create movement from our own physical experience and at the same time follow the rules of a score/structured improvisation. In solo, partner and ensemble work fundamental elements of composition and performance will be explored: awareness for time and space, dynamics and rhythm, form and content. Building the skills of the imagination, we foster the ability to respond creatively and intuitively to a moment to moment changing reality and become ready to perform instant composition.