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Alexandra Bezrodnova

Alexandra Bezrodnova
I'm graduated as social psychologist. Last years CI became the basic interest and development direction in my life, to that I am infinitely glad. I practise CI and authentic movement since 2002, teaching weekly classes in improvisation-and-performance studio "Own Place" together with Damir Arslanov, also jams, classes and workshops in different cities and countries. Participated in performance projects directed by Steve Batts, Karl Frost, Konstantinos Mihos, Andrey Andrianov.
I am lucky to consist in a team of organizers of the Moscow Festival.

Themes and focuses in CI which I'm investigating now:
- A condition "out of balance", a stream finding
- Evolutionary patterns and movements of animals in contact dance
- Breath as base for all levels of individual, contact dance and group improvisation
- CI for parents and children, CI for children with special needs
- Contact dance on a grass, on sand, in water, on stones.....

The teachers that made the strongest impact on my vision of CI - Angela Dony, Steve Batts, Natanya Den Boeft, KJ Holmes and Arye Bursztyn.
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Alexandra Bezrodnova

«On sensitive paws»

About master-class:

Level: intermediate.
Sensitive, amusing, playful, soft, resourceful... Spontaneous and unpredictable... Delicate? Sensitive? Gentle? Courageous and sociable... Wonder-paws!

On this class we will:
- develop sensibleness of movement of legs - at the moment of dialogue with a floor, on air and at in partner interaction,
- play,
- release our joints for soft flights and landings,
- wake up our skin and muscular sensitivity,
- develop interest and curiosity, learning to see and to hear with the feet!!!

Breath and weight presence are two invariable components of any movement on the Earth, so we will begin with them. Also we'll investigate with our legs the basic patterns of movement - "yield", "push", "reach", "pull"; we'll dance, using support of the images from fauna and creating our unique way of movement and use of "paws".
It is interesting for me to observe, how inspiration, game and energy are born from quiet listening, keenness and and attention to the slightest changes.
The class is opened for participants of all levels!