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Eckhard Müller & Daniela Schwartz

Eckhard Müller & Daniela Schwartz
Eckhard (Germany/France) co-founder of the Contact Festival Freiburg, is enthusiastically dancing and performing CI since 1988. In his teaching he is playfully searching for depth in the understanding of the form. As a member of Cie dégadezo, he has participated in diverse choreographique dance-theater pieces since 2002.
Daniela (Argentina/France) ) is involved in the practice,preformance and teaching of CI since 1998. Memeber of Cie dégadezo. As a visual artist, she is interested in the body, space and movement in the present moment as Materia for research, expression and création. Her multiple medias : video, objects, installation are present in her practices.
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Eckhard Müller & Daniela Schwartz

«Intuitive Systems For Contact Improvisation»

About master-class:

All Levels. In the five years of their colaboration, co-teaching CI to beginners as well as to professional dancers all over Europe and South America, Daniela and Eckhard have been developing a system of basic tools to access and deepen into Contact Improvisation.
We will offer a movement training, as a tool to organize our body in a more efficient and economical way. We will explore the center-periphery connection (starfish) as a key principle to connect and separate the limbs from the center, the right from the left side and/or the diagonals. Through the action of releasing and activating, reaching and folding, spiraling, etc, we will develop different movement patterns, that will help us to let go from old and unefficient ones to find ease and flow in our own pathways along the floor and through the different levels.
Moving with a more clear understanding of our center, we will be ready to connect to our partner's body and fully commit to the dance, while we stay centered and grounded, as we enter our spherical space. We will work with light touch and the idea of keeping the weight on our own feet as well as sharing the full weight to become aware of the wide range of possibilities.
Through respectful listening and body actions like scanning, sensing, reading, informing, leaning, proposing direction, following the flow, accepting, resisting, balancing, off-balancing, counter-balancing, etc, we will engage ourselves in an open physical dialogue.
Understanding and integrating some of the principles, we will find more trust and freedom in our own body, own movements and in the communication with our partner.