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Eckhard Müller and Daniela Schwartz

Eckhard Müller and Daniela Schwartz
Eckhard Müller - Falling in love with Contact Improvisation in 1988, Eckhard started studying contemporary dance at bewegungs-art Freiburg, (diploma in 93) and with Alito Alessi, David Zambrano, Mark Tompkins, Julyen Hamilton, Martin Keogh, Nancy Stark-Smith among many other masters.
In the 90's he was working as a dancer for choreographers like Iztok Kovac, Mark Tompkins, David Zambrano and others. Since 2002 his dance theatre Company Dégadézo in Strasbourg is creating pieces, supported by DRAC and Region Alsace, co produced by Theatre Pole Sud, Strasbourg, with Residency in the Theatre La Manufacture in Colmar 2004-2007.
In 2006 he developed SKIN, an interactive performance concept and realized (assisted by Daniela Schwartz) the interdisciplinary project for dancers, muscians and videoartists in Freibrug, Moscow, Rosario, Strasbourg, Montevideo and Zurich. The concept offers elements of Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition to interact with the audience.
Eckhard’s focus lays on the dance form Contact Improvisation, that he teaches since 1994 to professionals of theatres/companies, dance students in academies and non-professionals in dance centers all over the world, since 2005 co teaching with Daniela Schwartz.
For 20 years Eckhard has been tremendously active to build up contact communities in his home city Freiburg as well as in his new home Strasbourg and supporting and networking with other jams, festivals, institutions and ci supporters all over the world.
Co-founder and organizer of the blackforestjam (95-03) and the contactfestival freiburg (since 2000) (, both important events in the CI-Scene creating an annual international exchange about the dance form Contact Improvisation between professional and non professionals.

Daniela Schwartz - Nomad artist, based in Strasbourg, France since 2003. Tiredless traveller. Graduated in Fine Arts at ESAD, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg with the support of a grant from Fundación Antorchas, Bs As, Argentina.
Dancer, Performer, Improviser and Teacher of Contact Improvisaciуn and Instant Composition since 1998. She has participated in different projects, labs and performances in Cuba, Mexico, USA, Europe and Southamerica. Influenced by Martin Keogh, Danny Lepkoff, Nancy Stark Smith, Mark Tompkins, Julyen Hamilton, Joao Fiadeiro.
As a member of the dance theater Cie Dégadézo she teaches at Teatre Pôle Sud, Centre Choréographique, TNS Theatre National, and CIRA, in Strasbourg.
Years of jewellery making, objects, textile and fashion studies, video creation, installations, performances, and the different artistic aspects of «the body» informed her physical practice and her intellectual research.
Collaborated in SKIN, interactive performance concept from Eckhard Mueller, an interdisciplinary project for dancers, musicians and video artists and realized this project with him in Rosario (07), Strasbourg (07), Montevideo (08) and Zurich (08).
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Eckhard Müller and Daniela Schwartz


About master-class:

All Levels. The workshop invites you to dive deeply into the Contact Improvisation form, taking advantage of the immersion into the body’s wisdom.
Guided by sensation and perception into the sensorial anatomy, we will deepen into the basic principles of the dance, creating a space for observation and action. Stimulating the natural curiosity for the unknown, we will explore the dynamics of weight exchange as we sink into the intuitive responses of our bodies, finding a better use of the floor and of our skeleton.
The practice will deepen our awareness, availability and trust, to develop, stretch and transfrom the possibilities of the body in the dance.