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Elske Seidel

Elske Seidel
Elske Seidel, based in Berlin, is a globally connected CI dancer and internationally engaged CI teacher. She has been teaching dance independently for over 17 years, CI since 2004, investigating the core question of how to allow dance to be alive when teaching it. She is interested in meeting in dance, exchanging and developing, building community, performing, organizing CI events with a special interest in bringing together community, as well as studio focus and nature experience (e.g. Contact Festival Fuerteventura).
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Elske Seidel

«Leaning and Listening»

About master-class:

Level: all levels.
This class is about communicating through leaning and listening,
practicing aspects of love and brave communication,
trusting in sharing one common center of weight continuously,
meeting equally,
exploring the rolling point, finding lightness, ease and subtlety,
appreciating the truth of the moment,
opening the mind and the body,
continuously falling into each other and falling through space together,
supporting each other, relying upon each other,
softening and listening to the whispers of gravity,
embracing unpredictability as a delicious choice of being alive.