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Ester Momblant-Ribas

Ester Momblant-Ribas
Ester Momblant Ribas is Mediterranean. ‘For me CI is a constant study of both, body and mind, in motion.’ Ester graduated in Dance and Related Arts in England, and studied in S.N.D.O. Amsterdam, Ester has been involved in dancing, teaching and performing Contact Improvisation since 1997. Since then she has taught around Europe, Russia, Brazil, and Israel. She is constantly involved in movement research connecting it with nature, pedagogy and personal development. Since 2004 she is a Body-Awareness teacher at ESMUC, University of Music in Barcelona.
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Ester Momblant-Ribas

«Playing with the body’s intelligence»

About master-class:

Falling, jumping, catching, resisting, pushing, climbing, etc… how does the body do it?

Among many other capacities, the body has the ability to self thermostat (adapt/regulate) at all times and situations. This is the base of its constant adaptation, flexibility and reaction with the environment. This is a natural ability, an instinctive capacity, the body’s essential intelligence: the nervous system.

This workshop is an invitation to experience the body’s intelligence while moving, to sense its choices on the spot, to notice being in the moment of the movement, perceive the body playing in the most save position, being aware, and knowing that the body knows; it is intelligent!!!

We will work with anatomical material (nervous system, alignment principles, skeletal facts, etc), physical concepts, senso-perception and body awareness as a starting point to experiment and enter the dance, and physical communication with our partners and the space. To recognize the body’s functioning will be a tool for playing in the dance, trusting that the dance can flow to unknown situations, giving lightness, choices, playfulness and personality to the dance, de duo and the space, so that we can play with the body’s intelligence.