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Ilanit Tadmor

Ilanit Tadmor
My way in dancing has been started 18 years ago, and since then it’s become my life. I felt that the ability to express my motion and my thought through the movement is one of the biggest gifts that I reactive in my life.

I started to study in the academy of dance and music in Jerusalem right after I finished serving in the Israeli army, and on the same time I studied theater, literature and musicology at the university in Jerusalem. When I complete my studies I immediately started to create pieces and in 2000 I won the choreographers completion with my solo “walks my talk”.

This wining brought me the scholarship to teach and create in Taiwan, and I created 3 dance pieces to work there with familiars dance companies.

During all my artistic way that started in 1989 I created a lot of dance pieces with different panels, some of them where about improvisation and some where theatre dance which took place in theatres and festivals around Israel and the world.

In 2005 I was invited by “Echo Echo dance company” of Steve Batts, to create a dance named: :"Resonance II". In same year my partner Ilya Domanov and I opened a dance school name PLAY, which base on the improvisation technique, contact and the art of the creating and performing. In play we have eight teaching programs, some are longs and other shorts, among that we have the ensemble which performing every year in a new piece.

Investigating the art of the improvisation and the contact allows me the see the connection between the movements that each one of us can do and how it’s brings us to individuals growing. To watch how through the movements our body is telling a story its fascinating me and while I’m watching on other dancing I’m learning and getting inspiration.

Communication between people is very interesting to me, I love to look from the side how they communicates, and then to join them and we all together having conversation using the dance, the space, the sound and everything else that our senses catching.

The improvisation make you feel awake and alive every second even when you are not dancing and that brings joy, happiness, healing and love.

The combination between being strict in learning the technique together with letting go while dancing is also an inspiration for me to know when we have to put attention about the details and in which point we can get out to freedom and get wild.
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Ilanit Tadmor

«Center calling Earth»

About master-class:

The contact improvisation for me is a technique that works on a communication of all aspects from physical to the emotional sides.

There is no limit to the ways we can communicate, and in the workshop we will open a few doorways to the meeting with the partner, using the aikido technique, the improvisation and the release technique.

For creating a connection with other first we will explore the connection we have with our self, with our center. And then we'll meet our partner. Feeling the center creates a better meeting.

For me, the world of the contact improvisation is a way to practice my ability to feel freedom, as much as we let our self to experience different things and to enlarge the range of our physicals and an emotional options, we can be free to feel the real meaning of our meeting with the partner.