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Steve Batts

Steve Batts
I live in Derry, Northern Ireland where I am Artistic Director of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company. I have been performing, choreographing and directing dance and theatre for nearly 30 years. I love to dance more and more. I teach, direct, dance and perform with all sorts of people in a wide range of contexts: children, people with disabilities, older people, professional dancers; in Ireland and internationally. I am inspired again and again by the deeply poetic movement sensibility that I find in every person. Contact Improvisation is my folk dance. There I discover roots and fruits for my life and art. My main interest is to increase the sense of the details and to maximise the experience of simple and complex pleasures in movement.
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Steve Batts

«Workshop for children and adults»

About master-class:

The workshop is for any children 6 years and over and adults who want to join us. The adults can be parents, older brothers or sisters or festival participants. At home in Ireland we run regular Saturday “Dance Picnics”. These are really creative and good fun for everyone, of whatever age, and this workshop will be based on them. We will do a lot of interactive movement. Some of the time we will partner each other, in physical contact, sculpting and leading and following. We will also dance separately, watching and responding to each other, creating conversations in movement. We will make some circle dances where we will all create and teach movements to each other. Maybe we will prepare something for the performance evening! So come along with your mum, your dad, your brother, sister, friend… or just on your own… and enjoy dancing with people who are older, younger, taller and shorter than you!