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Performance and Jam with Teachers
On July 13 2012

1 separation

"Sincere dance"
performers: Ilya Domanov and Mikhal Mazar (Israel)

New operation of a creative duet of Ilya Domanov and Mikhal Mazar. The singer and the dancer, the Israeli and Russian, the man and the woman meet on an empty scene and bring everyone the history, the identity and the past. In this point of a postranstvo two persons look for possibility to open and live seconds of the real meeting, out of jackets and conditionalities. And the only question comes to this moment through a body, a voice and movement: «Really to me actually, it is so important to know who you are? What you for the person?» …

With support of embassy of Israel in Moscow

2nd separation

Improvisational performance of group of the KI Moscow international festival and performance

We have an old good tradition: on the eve of the Festival of Contact improvising of the teacher from the different countries of the world gather, with - are set up, and give unique representation - what can't neither be repeated, nor to seize by means of video. The viewer - always the coauthor of history who is made on a scene, is born from the composition thinking, the realized movement and attention of the viewer.
Participants: Steve Batts (Great Britain), Leylani Veis (Italy-Chile), Gaby Koch (Germany), Katya Basalayeva (Russia), Yaniv Mintser (Israel), Adrian Russi (Switzerland), Ilya Domanov (Israel-Russia), Katya Velichko (Israel-Russia), Alexander Bezrodnov (Russia), Maria Grudsky (Russia).

After performance evening will proceed jam. Therefore take with itself clothes for dance - we invite you to coauthorship!

18:30-20:00 Performance
20:15-23:00 Jam

Place: Center "the Open World" street Pavlovskaya 18

The input ticket on the performans+dzhy - 600 roubles.

Tickets for performance for itself and friends can be acquired on any Jam at the leader, or REGISTER in the bottom of this page , and we will communicate!

festival program

July 7-10 - Workshop Contact improvisation
for all levels with Itay Yatuv;

July 13th - Teachers performance;

July 14 - 21 - Main part of The Festival
8 days of dancing;

July 25 - 29 - Contact improvisation lab for teachers and advanced dancers with Yaniv Mintzer;

July 25 - 29 - Jam week in Moscow
for everybody contact dancers