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The Festival venue

The Festival will take place in Buddist Center "Kunpenling" and sports halls "Nadezhda" in town Pavlovsky Posad (Moscow region) that resides 70 km from Moscow along Gorkovskoe highways.
We will organize the bus that may take you to the festival venue on July 18th at 3 p.m. If you want to be on this bus, please select it at the registration form, bus will cost 10 euro.

All participants have to bring clean shoes to walk inside the building of sports halls." +
If you are late for the bus or just want to come on your own, you may come with intercity bus number 386 from Partizanskaya metro station. Average bus departure interval is 1-1.5 hours.

As The Kunphenling is a kind of sacred place there are some things forbidden:
- alchohol (at all!);
- smoking (you may go outside to the river to smoke);
- making noise in living rooms after 10 p.m.;
In Kunphenling two intensives and two CI workshops will take place, others will take place in sports halls. We will organize a bus that will carry you between these two places. Bus schedule and intensives that will take place in sports halls will be announced later.
Performance labs will take place in Kunphenling.
We may have sauna every day! For those of you who would like to have it we ask to pay additional 10 euro upon arrival and every evening from 11 p.m. we will have it!

How to get to Moscow. If you arrive by train the fastest and cheapest (but not the most comfortable) way is use subway (metro). Subway stations are connected to train stations or reside very close to them.
If you arrive by plane to SHEREMETEVO(SVO) you should take a route taxi to closest subway station, then use subway trains. If you arrive by plane to VNUKOVO(VKO) airport, you may use Aeroexpress train to Kievskaya subway station. If you arrive by plane to DOMODEDOVO(DME) airport, you may use Aeroexpress train to Paveletskiy railway station. The train station connects to PAVELETSKAYA subway station so you may use subway further on.
TAXI is the most and really expensive transport in Moscow, if you wish to use it please note that it costs from the airport to center of city at the daytime is about 50 euros, at the nighttime you can expect any price, so please choose to come at the daytime.



You can get to Pavlovskiy Posad by local train from Kurskiy railway station. Travel time – approx 1 hour 30 min (depending on a train), average ticket cost - about 100 rubles. Every day except Saturday at 7 p.m. comfortable express train departs to Orehovo-Zuevo but stops at P.Posad, ticket cost 150 rubles, travel time 1 hour 10 min.

From P.Posad to Kunphenling it is 1015 min by bus to stop "Bolshedvorskoe Lesnichestvo po trebovaniyu" (there is just "Bolshedvorskoe Lesnichestvo" stop, it is 1 km earlier).

Types of transfer:

  • Local buses 21 and 27.
  • Minibuses 21 and 27 take the same route.
  • Minibus 37.
  • Taxi (preferable if you don't speak Russian).

Way from "Bolshedvorskoe Lesnichestvo po trebovaniyu" you will have to walk (except taxi, they can drive you right to the gate). Explain taxi-driver that you need "Sosnoviy Bor". Usually they understand.


Bus N386 Moscow - P.Posad (station near Partizanskaya metro station) goes right to "Bolshedvorskoe Lesnichestvo po trebovaniyu". Average interval - 1 hour. Travel time - 1 hour 30 min minimum depends on traffic jams. Ticket costs 90 roubles.


Performance on 17th of July will take place in the Meyerhold's theatre.
Address: 23, Novoslobodskaya st.
You can find more information about theatre at



Participation in the festival includes: 3 meals a day of healthy vegetarian food, plus free coffee, tea, and water at all times.


We provide two ways of accommodation:
1. We will sleep in rooms of the center on the beds or on the floor in the mattresses in our own(!) sleeping bags. Please note that mattresses on the beds are not very soft, so if you need something soft to sleep bring it with you.
2. In your own tents (also your own sleeping bags and mattresses)!