International Contact Improvisation and Performance Festival
International Contact Improvisation and Performance FestivalМеждународный Фестиваль Контактной Импровизации и Перформанса

Frequently asked questions

1) What is the specific of the festival?

At “Contact Moscow” festival attention is paid not only to contact improvisation but also to performance. Festival includes intensives, which go on during all the festival days, classes and improvisation laboratories.

2) What are "Improvisation laboratories"?

Improvisation laboratories are two-hour improvisation classes, where the topic of the class is offered by either the teachers or the students. The class can go in the hall or on the street.

3) What do I have to do to participate with a discount?

The only way to get the discount is to help the festival team. It is decided on an individual basis, please write to

4) How can I get a visa to Russian?

Please write us if you need a Russian visa, we will contact you to find out all the details.

5) Can I teach at the festival?

Teachers are invited to the festival long before the event. If you did not receive the invitation you can't teach. But you can offer yourself as an improvisation laboratories' leader.

6) What is the price for the participation? Will it be cheaper if I participate only in the first part?

Participation cost is 300 euros, early registration is 260 euros. Price does not depend on a number of classes you take.

7) I would like to tour Moscow during festival but I am afraid of being lost.

Don't be afraid. Here are a few advices:

  • Public transport system goes until 1 a.m., so plan your night trip carefully.
  • Average taxi price after 1 a.m. is 600-700 rubles to drive accross whole Moscow, remember it.
  • If you are lost find somebody that looks fairy intelligent to you, they usually speak some English and ask about how to get to the subway station(Metro).
  • Buy a map.

8) Will the comers be met at the airport?

No. But if you are a large non-Russian speaking group, contact us and we will try to help you. Read on Environment page about how to get to the site of the festival.

9) Where can I get the plan of festival teritory?

All required information is on the Environment page.

10) What languages will the classes be held in? I do not speak Russian!

All the classes of Russian teachers will be translated to English, so don't worry.

11) I am going to come with my kids. What should I pay in addition(food, accomodation, etc.)?

You should notify us if you take kids with you. Everything is decided individually, so contact us.

12) Will parents and kids have separate rooms or territory?

This year we are unable to provide any additional space for children.

13) Can I bring my kid to the classes?

It is decided by the teacher of the class.

14) I can not pay on the way you offer. Are there any other ways?

You can register now but pay when you arrive. Please mention that this way you will not get an early registration discount.