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International Contact Improvisation and Performace Festival

History of Moscow Contact Festival may informally be reckoned since 2005, when initiative group, that afterward became the team of organizers, decided that it may be quite possible to gather 100-120 contact dancers in Russia and nearest countries. The whole year we were preparing, learning from foreign festivals, exploring niceties and details.
The Festival number One took place in July 2006 in Moscow city and that is why except full participants some people were allowed to visit single classes. The festival attracted many journalists from newspapers, magazines and TV. Due to that festival attracted many people from all styles of dance, many of those practice CI until now, some of them even teach.

Second festival was decided to organize in the countryside, when participants live and dance together for the whole week! Third and fourth festivals also took place in the nature. You can watch the movie about the third festival at this page created by Alena Simonova.

For the Fourth Festival we invited old famous teachers Andrew Harwood and Martin Keogh. For 5th! festival (July 2010) we invited Nancy Stark-Smith!

You can learn the history of the festival via structures and photos through all years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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