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Lior Ophir

Lior Ophir
Lior Ophir (Israel) is a Dancer, Improviser, Shiatsu therapist, Engineer, Teacher, Student.
Lior practices various forms of movement, dance, body/mind and awareness, including: Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Shiatsu Therapy, Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Tai-Qi, Qi-Kong.
Lior is currently a traveling artist, teaching and performing throughout Europe, Japan, America.
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Lior Ophir

«Looking for Relaxation and Awakeness»

About master-class:

Level: intermediate.
The search for relaxation and awakeness in the dance is an ongoing search. When dancing, and especially in contact improvisation, we move quickly between different situations, energy levels, speeds, and range of activity/passivity.
Throughout these fast changing situations, how can we maintain a state of a relaxed body/mind, but still be awake, ready and curious, with whatever happens and whatever may come.
In this class we will seek relaxation and awakeness in our dance.
Through some detailed exercises we will try to fine-tune our body/mind, into a relaxed and awake state, and take this knowledge into contact improvisation dancing and jamming. This class is considered as more advanced material but it is open for anyone interested to explore this subject.